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Tapovana Overview

The villas are duplexes, their architecture chic and contemporary - flat and angular surfaces contrasting with expanses of glass, chrome and latticed wood. Inside, spaces are expansive with generous views of the verdant landscape outside and yet intimate consisting of twin bedrooms, a living and dining area, kitchen and twin toilets. Options to furnish the villas with the 4 star category interior design are provided.

Renew, Rejuvenate

  • Non- resident Indians.
  • Companies and individuals who have guests frequently flying in. . Airlines - transit accommodation for aircraft crew.
  • Individuals and families looking to invest in a weekend getaway / holiday home.
  • Businesses associated with the airport. Villas could be rented out on a long-term basis to this segment of the prospective market.
  • Travelers using the airport
  • Travelers using NH 47.
  • Customers using the Ayurveda centre and spa operated by a professional agency will form a significant revenue stream as well considering the popularity that Ayurveda and holistic forms of treatment are gaining. These clients will require lodging as the treatments and cures require patients
  • tapovana spa
  • tapovana spa
  • tapovana spa
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