Ongoing Project

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A road trailing off the approach to the airport leads to Tapovana. Situated in close proximity to the international airport in Kochi, Tapovana wears many faces - a weekend getaway, a second home, a health and wellness resort and a facility for air travelers in transit.

Renew, Rejuvenate

Set amidst a clump of mahogany, teak and jackfruit trees, the property comprises a set of villas, a restaurant, an Ayurveda treatment facility, a spa, a pool, an outdoor party facility, a space for conferences and an extensively equipped business center. 129 tall trees in the 105 cents. Only 15 will have to be cut prior to construction.

The landscaped grounds outside are exquisite with stone paved pathways, clumps of bright¬ly colored flower beds lining their edges, tropical plants and majestic trees. A gentle breeze blows in over the paddy fields nearby. One can hear the heartbeat of the city and yet this is Tapovana, a home away from home and the power of community.

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